With the Ontario internet gaming market still relatively new, it’s exciting to see how things are shaping up. Though there have been some hiccups along with rule infractions from AGCO-officered inspectors that should not be ignored or taken lightly -even though they might seem minor in comparison – it does speak volumes about where this industry could go next based on its performance and casino review by critics, thus far after only 4 days of operation!

Quick Recap

The idea of online gambling in Ontario has been coming long. It started with the passing of bill C-36, which transformed into an entirely new marketplace for gamblers throughout our province!

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) was quick to act on April 4th, when they awarded licenses ahead of the launch. On that day, twelve operators opened 17 gaming sites for players located in Ontario – giving them an opportunity for success!

The new market opened up to much speculation, but those already in business took an altogether different approach. They quickly realized that they could not just copycat what was happening on land-based casinos and expect their operations or products would be successful without any changes made specifically for this medium of entertainment; as such, more companies started offering gambling services through the internet with varied success rates depending upon how well each Interac casinos site adapted itself according to its environment – including customers’ preferences.

New Market Participants

The iGaming options for players in Ontario are aplenty, with many sites to choose from. These include: According to their website’s list of available games, on May 4th, 2018, site is an active gaming site where you can find all sorts of competitive and non-competitive slot machines! You’ll have access not only across desktop but also Android/iOS devices, so there’s no matter what kindle or phone someone prefers – if they’re looking forward to playing some slots, then these top WWE Betting Sites will surely meet expectations.

  • 888casino, 888poker, 888sport (VHL Ontario)
  • Bet365 (Hillside ENC)
  • on.BetMGM, poker.on.BetMGM, sports.on.BetMGM (BetMGM Canada)
  • BetRivers (Rush Street Interactive Canada)
  • Caesars Sportsbook (American Wagering)
  • Coolbet (Coolbear Ontario)
  • FanDuel (FanDuel Canada)
  • LeoVegas, RoyalPanda (LeoVegas Gaming)
  • PartyCasino, PartyPoker, PartySports, bwin (ElectraWorks Maple)
  • PointsBet (Pointsbet Canada Operations 1)
  • Rivalry (Rivalry Ontario)
  • theScore (Score Digital Sports Ventures)
  • Unibet (Unibet ON)

The new market casino review by critics is shaping up to be a hotbed for betting sites, with prominent operators like DraftKings, BetWay and WSOP planning their entrance.

First-Month Numbers

iGaming Ontario reports that the market was worth 500 million dollars last year and is projected to reach a whopping 10 billion by 2023. The AGCO, on the other hand, has refused so far to release any statistics or numbers about how many people have bought lottery tickets via its website since its inception one month ago.

The research firm CBC reports that Barclays Equity Research found out in their study of bet365, FanDuel, and the scores Bet had 24% app downloads during the first 10 days. With this information, we can see how popular these apps are among sportsbook users, which makes sense considering they accounted for 20%. Finally, there’s alsoBetMGM with 11%, though its numbers dropped significantly from 29 percent last month, so maybe it will rise again soon!

The report by Morgan Stanley showed that bet 365 is at 27%, FanDuel has 16% of the market, with The Score Bet coming in second place, followed closely behind them both. However, one month later, on average, 18%.

Infractions Already?

iGaming Ontario has been in operation for less than one month, and there are already two regulatory infractions. The first pertains to advertising, while the second involves the marketing of an internet gaming site, which was not fully compliant with standards set out by AGCO (Ontario Gaming Commission).

The operators failed to ensure that the treatment of patients was under applicable laws and regulations.

  • Standard 2.04: Marketing, including advertising and promotions, shall be truthful and shall not mislead players or misrepresent products.
  • Standard 2.05: Advertising and marketing materials that communicate gambling inducements, bonuses and credits are prohibited, except on an operator’s gaming site and through direct advertising and marketing, after receiving active player consent.

The AGCO, a leading player in the gambling regulation and control industry, says they hold all registered operators to high standards. The company monitors each operator’s activities carefully so that no one is taking advantage of breaking any laws while engaging in such 10 dollar min deposit casino games.

Specific Violations

PointsBet Canada was geeing two violations at Standard 2.05 only! From April 4-17, they advertised with an inducement to play on their site for free through posters that appeared in train stations and multiple products – but it’s not over yet because Pointsbet still has one more chance before being fined $200 per day starting May 1st if these ads aren’t pulled immediately.

BetMGM Canada’s betting site as well as Casino Classic violates federal regulations and industry standards.

BetMGM has always been true to its word, and this time is no exception. Betting $1 will give you a better chance of winning than betting 50 cents because it’s more likely that your bet costs less money!

BetMGM Canada is in hot water, with three violations of Twitter’s rules on 2.05! The first tweet was posted just days ago and offered up an opportunity for anyone who follows their account to win $100K by betting at least 25 cents per line on Vedic Astrology- which may seem like an odd promotion but hey, who knows what people will take advantage off these days?! They also advertised other promotions such as Bellagio’s 10-cent bet requirement +500 national bonus credits applied automatic.

Changes to Land-Based Gaming

The gaming industry in Ontario operates under a set of standards; the Registrar’s Standards for Gaming. This broader umbrella is what houses all gaming markets, including OLG’s operations- so you can be sure that your bet will go through security and with minimum fuss!

One of the changes to regulations was removing internet gaming. This new subdivision covers everything that was addressed in gaming, so there’s no need for it anymore!

The AGCO has removed plans to reopen pandemic-hit roads in Canada.

The AGCO’s updated standards mirror those in gaming. This relates specifically and primarily with advertising inducements for land-based sports betting as well as events game trades such that they line up seamlessly across both types of gaming platforms: The new version 3 regulations from The American Gaming Association (AGA) provide clarification on how operators may present bet slips, lobby banners/signage at racetracks where horse races are offered alongside other sporting events like soccer or baseball; it also includes further detail about what type(s)of signage is allowed near gambling machines inside live poker rooms while noting exactly WHEN signs must be posted around exterior casino areas.

  • No public advertising of inducements, bonuses or credits for sport and event betting products except on a casino operator’s website, electronic channel, and at all venues owned and operated by the operator.
  • Advertising of said inducements is allowed through direct messaging after receiving active player consent.
  • Advertisements must not be marketed as free or risk-free unless they are truly free or risk-free.

Gambling advertising and promotional activity are tightly regulated by AGCO. They regulate how companies spend their money to ensure that it falls within sensible limits, ensuring they don’t do anything too reckless or extravagant about this industry’s chance of success!