Ke$ha – Warrior

Goodness gracious Ke$ha has managed to achieve the exact level of mediocrity that all her previous efforts have led us to expect – only this time with dubstep!

The beautiful thing about Warrior is that it serves its exact purpose: a swath of club anthems and a couple of nothing power ballads all in service or perpetuating the brand that is Ke$ha. Her point of view is simple. Get drunk and dance and fuck and everything else be damned. This isn’t exactly a unique perspective and it, combined with slick, gentrified production makes Ke$ha almost indistinguishable from her contemporaries: Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

There are highlights, sure. ‘Die Young’ is worth listening to after four or six Jagerbombs and will likely have people dancing the night away. Each of these anthems falls into that perfect rhythm of a club jam. Big intro, wild verse, chorus, verse structure, quiet bridge and a build to a final bombastic chorus! It isn’t unfun, it just isn’t new.

And then midway through the album the strangest thing happens – IGGY POP makes a cameo. What?! And worse (or better?), it’s kind of amazing! Pop’s contribution gives the album a moment of bite combined with a moment of beautiful irony. It is a perfect intermission amidst a pile of things not worth mentioning.

It’s impossible to tell if Ke$ha can sing and her songwriting leaves much to be desired but there is one thing that no one can deny about her, she knows her brand and isn’t afraid to exploit it at every possible turn.

“Free love and vodka” maybe, but please, don’t let her rap anymore.