Dear and the Headlights – Small Steps, Heavy Hooves

Rating: 3/5
Released: February 6, 2007
Reviewer: Delaney Seiferling

Let’s be honest: Dear and the Headlights doesn’t roll nicely off the tongue. Neither does the title of their debut album Small Steps, Heavy Hooves. I was still trying to figure out where the cleverness came in for this rock band’s name when I started listening to the album, and was taken by how familiar and endearing vocalist Ian Metzger’s voice is.

Metzger sings, yells and talks in the most sincere of manners throughout the album, to up-beat and fast tempo rock songs, and slows down nicely for the slower songs (‘Sweet Talk,’ ‘I’m Bored, You’re Amorous’). The only variation of his vocals that I didn’t enjoy was his falsetto (‘Happy in Love’) when I thought for a moment I was listening to a whiny Chris Martin. It’s also nice that his voice is never overpowered by background music.

His vocals would be nothing without the emotional and melodic lyrics, which are pleasant to actually listen to, or just to catch the occasional word of.

Favorite song: The opening ‘Oh No!,’ a slow, winding and warm song featuring laid back guitar and drums. Enough to make you immediately stop wondering about the band’s name…


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