Mobile – Tomorrow Starts Today

Rating: 3/5
Released: April 18, 2006
Reviewer: Dave Coats

Offering further proof that Montreal is the current epicenter of the Canadian music scene is Mobile. However, Mobile are not another player in the famous Montreal indie alternative scene; rather, with their debut record, the band make a case to become The Killers of the north. Mobile took their time polishing this record, even as two singles went to radio, creating an instant buzz around Tomorrow Starts Today upon its release. The musical result is more or less one part Interpol, two parts Killers, ideal for those who enjoy a cross between new-wave and emo.

Songwriting is the band’s strength, as the song structures are engaging and diverse. Particularly evident are the first-rate transitions to and from unique, well-crafted bridges. The rhythm section is also very polished, and is the reason for these songs being so catchy. The bass and drums really carry these songs, which exposes the band’s weakness – its melodies. Not only is the guitar usually passively atmospheric and generally unnoticeable, but vocalist Mat Joly prioritizes emoting rather than carrying the tune. Lyrically, the band doesn’t break any new ground (for example: “You think I’m out of my head / But I’m romantically dead / So come on I’ll waste my life on you”), but the emotion of the songs does make them easily relatable and will likely give them mass appeal. Lead single ‘Montreal Calling’ is definitely not the only radio-ready single here, though it is the record’s high water mark.

Though Tomorrow Starts Today lacks originality, it will likely be a major commercial success, especially considering the priority status afforded the band by Universal and MuchMusic. But Tomorrow Starts Today proves there is still room for the band (and maybe the whole genre?) to grow yet.

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